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Of course we all know the best boredom buster is a walk but sometimes our furry friends are just going to have to spend some time at home! Not to worry… these awesome dog toys are designed to entertain your dog and keep him or her engaged and boredom far, far away!! Check them out, I think you’re going to love them as much as your dog does!!!


Seamsters Bone

Seamsters Bon

Seamsters Bone – The best new toy EVER!!! This great puzzle toy will keep your precious pet busy and happy for hours!!! 

The Seamsters treat bones are a truly amazing concept in the world of interactive dog toys. To start with, the Seamsters bone is actually two pieces of rubber (held together by the rawhide strip) so you can fill the middle with treats, peanut butter, etc. if you wish. Then, take one of the Seamsters rawhide strips and soak it in water for about five minutes (this will soften the rawhide). Then just thread the rawhide through the Seamsters bone.

Really safe – as a dog chews on the Seamsters bone, the most rawhide he or she will get at a time is a small piece. Available in two sizes: Large (9″ x 3″) and Small (6″ x 3″). Each Seamsters chew toy comes with three rawhide strips. More Seamsters rawhide strips sold separately.  Yup, I LOVE this toy and I bet your baby will too! Best $20 – $25 investment you could make for hours of stimulation and fun for your dog. To order or for more info including an informative video Click Here



Busy Buddy Linkables







BUSY BUDDY LINKABLES: If you know you’re going to be away from home for a while these awesome treat-dispensing puzzle toys will keep your friend busy, happy and entertained while your gone. They come in three shapes can be used either alone or with other Linkables so you can change it up to prevent boredom! The more linkable you add  the more difficult it is to get the treats out! Your dog will love it.. Click the link to order:


Dog Treat Maze

DOG TREAT MAZE: I love this treat puzzle. I think this one would be great to hide somewhere in the house before you leave for even more fun for your dog. Simply fill the upper and lower compartments with treats and as your dogs move the Maze around with their noses, paws or mouths the treats move through the maze within the toy and out the side holes. Great entertainment and it comes in two sizes! Click the link to order:


Dog Trubble- Wooden Puzzle

DOG TRUBBLE WOODEN PUZZLE: What a great idea this is, a game you can play with your dog when the weather might prevent you from outside exercise or hey, just for fun! Dog Treats are hidden underneath the wooden pegs which your dog must slide through the bendy channel, in order to get to the treats. Your dog gets a feeling of accomplishment AND a treat! Click the link to order:

Hours of creative fun for your dog!

THE CAGEY CUBE: I like this toy so much I featured it on the Creative Toy of the Week on my homepage. Soooo many dogs love to chase a tennis ball but this one takes the sport to a whole new level! Now your crazy ball chaser gets to fetch AND figure out how to get the ball out of the cage! Click the link and check it out! cagey-cube



I Qube Soft Dog Puzzle


I QUBE SOFT DOG PUZZLE: Speaking of tennis balls, this is perfect for dogs that loves them. There are 4 balls and 4 different compartments. Your dog has to figure out how to get the balls out of the puzzle. It measures 6″ x 6″ and comes with the four colorful balls you see here. Your dog will have a blast with this one. To order click this link iqube   

West Paw Twiz

WEST PAW TWIZ: Here’s a new twist,   (pardon the pun ) on the classic game of fetch. Twist Twiz’s handles together for maximum flight or untwist to hide dog treats inside. Twiz is guaranteed against dog damage, made in the USA, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, buoyant and dishwasher safe. Hey, now everyone is happy and ready for awesome fun. Click the link to order west-paw-twiz


Do you smell bacon?

BUBBLETASTIC BACON DOG BUBBLES: Personally I think the world just wouldn’t be the same without bubbles…and bacon bubbles? Dogs just love them!

  • 100% non toxic
  • Safe for dogs and kids
  • Special tear-free formula
An absolute must have stocking stuffer!  *These dog bubble refills do not include a wand. Click the link to order


For a bacon extravaganza!

DOG BUBBLE MACHINE: You know I’m kind of a purest about blowing bubbles. Something serene about leisurely blowing bubbles but if they’re bacon bubbles…your probably going to need a dog bubble machine. Dog’s just go crazy chasing all these tasty smelling bubbles! Great exercise for your pets and FUN. Click the link and check this out dog_bubble_machine



Taking the squeaker toy to whole new level!

EGG BABIES DINOSAUR: All my dogs have loved squeaker toys but this one comes with some hidden surprises!  Inside this cute critter are 3 squeaker eggs which are tightly packed inside the dinosaur’s reinforced belly, and are removed from a single slit underneath. Just when your dog thinks he’s found the squeaker he realizes there are even more treasures inside! You can put the eggs back in again and again for hours of fun. He measures  6″ x 5″ x 12″ and comes with 5 eggs that measure approximately 2.5″ in diameter. Your dog will love it! To order just click the link egg-babies-dinosaur

Did you say invincible?

INVINCIBLE SQUEAKY TOY: Perfect for the squeaky dog toy connoisseur. If your dog goes crazy for squeaky toys you know once the squeaker is found they usually lose interest and the toy is destroyed, right? Not this one. This dog toy is made to last. Its Stuffing-less and contains patent-pending puncture proof squeakers. It keeps on squeaking, even after being punctured! It  contains 4 puncture proof squeakers, a rattle in Gecko’s tail, no stuffing inside and the eyes are embroidered on so that they cannot be chewed off by your dog…FUN and SAFE. To order click the link invincibles


Hide A Bee Dog Puzzle

HIDE A BEE DOG PUZZLE: Awww. How cute are these little bees? If your dog loves squeaky toys he’s bound to love this boredom busting dog puzzle. When he figures it out he’ll think he’s the bees knees! The Hide-A-Bee dog puzzle measure approximately 7″ x 7″ and the squeaker bees measure approximately 5″ long. The outside beehive holes are approximately 2.5″ in diameter. The plush bees squeak to enhance your dog’s hide, seek and retrieve fun for hours of entertainment. You know what to do, click the link! hide-a-bee

Who could resist a turtle puzzle?

TOUGH TURTLE PUZZLE: Not only is this plush dog puzzle cute to look at, it’s also an incredibly interactive and engaging dog game. he big turtle’s shell holds the baby turtles and is secured shut with velcro strips. Your dog will have lots of fun figuring out how to get those squeaky baby turtles out of the shell and the big turtle makes a fantastic crinkle noise. ! The turtle measures  12″ x 7″ x 4.5″ and will provide lots of fun! To order click the link tough-turtle-puzzle


Ball in a Ball. What?

BALL IN A BALL: It’s a tennis ball, it’s a kong, it’s a dog puzzle…No it’s Ball in a Ball! Guaranteed entertainment  for your dog and you as your dog figures out the right configuration in order to retrieve the tennis ball from inside the toy. The kong measure about 6″ x 6″ and comes with one tennis ball. Use different size tennis balls for even more fun. To order click the link ball-in-ball



Get Ready for Extreme Fetch!

HYPER BALL LAUNCHER: Do you have one of those dogs that just never seems to tire? Then the Hyper ball launcher is just for you. This dog ball launcher can slingshot tennis balls up to 220 feet in the distance for your ball-happy pooch to fetch.  Oh, and don’t worry about having to pick up slimy tennis balls – just use the launcher pouch and you’ll keep your hands drool free! Also comes in a 4 ball launcher! No tennis ball elbow for you and your dog can fetch to his hearts content! To order click the link hyper2ball

Indulge your pet’s artistic talents!

PAINT KIT FOR PETS: A gift you’ll treasure for always! Help your pooch create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, ready to be framed and proudly displayed on your wall. Your pup brilliantly pounces about on the plastic-covered paint—his paws never getting wet or messy. The result is a creatively-designed abstract painting made by your dog, or cat! Perfect, a gift that keeps on giving! Click the link to order pup_casso



Hope you and your dog enjoy these Boredom Busting Dog finds and be sure to check back often…THERE’S MORE COMING!!!!

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Plus your purchase of these products helps to  provide a donation  nonprofit organizations that work to create happy endings for pets and empty shelters!

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