Dress My Rescue

They’re adorable, loving and waiting for a chance to simply love and adore you. That’s right…Shelter pets! Many of us have been blessed (and captured) by that special creature who just gets us. The one who we locked eyes with and just knew…this is the one. Not some of the time but ALL OF THE TIME and forever!We know how lucky we are but did you know…

There are over six million animals waiting in shelters for a loving home and now you and your special one can help other shelter pets by spreading the word and doing it in style!

You can help raise awareness about pet rescue, adoption, spaying and neutering with any of  Dress My Rescue’s fun designs. What’s even better? These products are ‘sweatshop free’ and 15% of the profits are donated to nonprofit organizations that work to create happy endings for pets and empty shelters. I love these tee shirts and accessories and you and you pet will too. Oh, and did I mention there is free domestic shipping every day? Take a peek, spread the word and help empty the shelters!

Let’s tell the world how Special I am!

SPECIAL CUZ I’M ADOPTED:It doesn’t matter how they come into your life, your rescued and adopted pets can tug at the heart strings like no other. This adorable tee is the perfect way to show off just how special your pet is to you. Made with ribbed lightweight cotton, this tank top dog tee comes in natural ivory trimmed in either chocolate brown or pink. It’s printed using DTG technology – fancy for saying we used water based and chemical free inks. And since we know love comes in all shapes and sizes, we’ve got you covered with sizes running from extra-small to 4XL.  So go ahead, click the link to order this tee and make others want to find their special four legged friend too! special-cuz-im-adopted-dog-tee

You should see my FRIENDS!

 THINK I’M CUTE?: Well of course you have the cutest, handsomest, sweetest dog on the planet so why not turn him or her into an animal spokes-person and you can both help someone else find their special one? Not to mention how adorable this shirt will look while your both out strolling! This tank dog tee comes in natural ivory trimmed in either chocolate brown or pink and in sizes ranging from sizes running from extra-small to 4XL. To order just click the link



Rescues Rock!

CHOOSE RESCUE DOG TEE: Rescues Rock! Go ahead and spread the word. Make your opinion heard loud, clear and in style with this ribbed lightweight cotton dog teeshirt. It comes trimmed in either chocolate brown or pink and like all Dress My Rescue apparel it’s printed with water based and chemical free inks. Perfect for small and large dogs, it comes in sizes from extra-small to 4XL. Too Fun! Always a holiday stocking stuffer fav. You know what to do, just click the link and order today for best size selection!


The Message Says It All!

SHARE THE LOVE – ADOPT DOG TEE: I couldn’t say it better myself. Your special friend is waiting for you at the end of the day, anxious to hear how work went, eager to go for a  walk, excited just to be near you…and you must think, “Wow, shouldn’t everyone have it this good?” Well, you’re absolutely right and this tee is the perfect way to shout it to the world. Sizes for large and small dogs and comes in Chocolate Brown trim and pink. To order click the link. share-the-love-dog-tee




SAVE A LIFE DOG TEE: Sometimes it’s tough to tell who saves who, but choosing to adopt a pet makes you the best kind of hero.  This tee helps you and your pet save others without saying a word. Celebrate the season and the message. Put this Tee in your dogs stocking!!!! Also comes trimmed in Chocolate Brown for a more masculine look. Click the link and order today for best size selection. save-a-life-dog-tee




IT’S HIP TO SNIP DOG TEE: There’s no shame in it. All the cool kids are doing it! It really

Be the Solution, Spay and Neuter!

is hip and one of the best things you can do to help the shameful number of dogs and cats waiting for forever homes in our shelters!  If you’re on board for spaying and neutering, let your little hipster lead the pack in letting everyone know! Order today…just click the link.





Adopted, Loved and Proud of it!

ADOPTED AND LOVED DOG COLLAR: Okay, so maybe tee shirts are not your dog’s favorite thing. No worries you can still show your love with these attractive Adopted and Loved Dog Collars. Let all the world know just how you feel about your treasured companion. This collar also comes in a more feminine color scheme and matching leashes are also available. Made of high- density heavyweight nylon webbing and lovely embroidered grosgrain ribbon and also features a welded “D” ring, an easy to use side release Quick Klip and X-box stitching. Durable, tasteful and they’ll be proud to wear it! To order click the link:


Hope you and your precious pet enjoy these finds! Don’t forget to stuff a toy or two in their stocking!!! Click Here for Fabulous Boredom Busting Dog Toys!!!


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